If you’re human, and you are, grief is inevitable. It’s simply a part of our lives. We lose people, things, jobs, marriages, and some of us even children.

Embracing grief is hard. For some of us, it actually feels impossible. Maybe we avoid the feelings, the thoughts and the places that bring up our loss.

And at the same time, embracing grief is freeing for your soul. It doesn’t mean the grief goes away. When we embrace grief day by day and many times moment to moment, a shift happens. Your love can actually deepen as you allow grief to be expressed.

Wherever you are on your personal journey with grief, we hope this writing gives you a moment of relief, a moment of hope, and a moment of validation.

“I had my own notion of grief.

I thought it was the sad time
That followed the death of someone you love.

And you had to push through it
To get to the other side.

But I’m learning there is no other side.

There is no pushing through.

But rather,
There is absorption.



And grief is not something you complete,
But rather, you endure.

Grief is not a task to finish
And move on,
But an element of yourself,
An alteration of your being.

A new way of seeing.

A new definition of self ..”

~ Gwen Flowers

Sending you much love as you meander through your personal journey.

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