The Latest on the Project Forgive Film

The story of Project Forgive captured the hearts of millions.

Our soon to be released documentary is a non-religious, non-partisan film that explores:

• the myths of forgiveness,
• the health impact of choosing whether to forgive or not;
• firsthand experiences and stories of overcoming pain, bitterness and anger and finding joy in sometimes daunting life events.

Science itself is a dramatic character in the Project Forgive documentary. The film examines our complex cultural relationship to anger, explores our misunderstandings of forgiveness as a process, while unveiling that forgiveness is an individual and unique experience, much like the differences we experience in a fingerprint.
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The documentary uncovers compelling research that builds the case for unpacking the emotional, physical and health implications of carrying a heavy heart, and why forgiveness may be the answer that many seek.

Several courageous individuals throughout the documentary bring us up-close and personal to a real-world experience of forgiveness.

Judy van Niekirk shares her courageous journey of forgiving her father for repeated abuse and incest to become a champion of women’s rights.

Lisa Mininni shares her experience of overcoming cancer and surviving her own victimhood mentality and family shame through her process of forgiveness.

Jo Erickson reveals how the loss of a child prepared her for every stage of her life and to now, having beautiful memories of a 6-year who forever altered how she views the world. around his beautiful home state of Michigan.

We get inside these individuals’ (and many others) compelling experiences and witness their tenacity, frustration, grief and humor. Amidst the touching stories and passionate research, a thread of history, art and literature meanders gracefully throughout the film and gives context to the complexities and nuances of the forgiveness process.

Commentary from incest survivor and documentarian Dr. Shawne Duperon explains how forgiveness has so wholly captured the human imagination, intriguing countless great minds, from Aristotle to Shakespeare to Richard Branson and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

And of course, the beautiful and tragic story of Gary Weinstein is referred to throughout the film. A man who has forgiven the unforgivable, losing his entire family to a drunk driver, and how he shifts to embrace his life as a bold contribution to the planet.

As forgiveness research forges ahead, Project Forgive portrays the full personal and social impact of forgiveness and gives viewers reasons for hope, possible reconciliation and peace.

Research shows the more you focus on joy, the happier you will be.

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