​Join us  for The Apology (You’ll Never Receive)®
Live Stream Workshop
November 15, 2023 from 7-8pm EST.

We all make mistakes. It’s part of being human.

But what happens when someone does you wrong and there is no apology in sight? You don’t see a change in their behavior and your anger or pain starts to fester.

Project Forgive Founder Dr. Shawne Duperon knows all too well the agony of waiting for an apology. The apology for suffering childhood trauma, never came. The apology from losing her sister, mother and father in a short period of time, never came either.

Research shows prolonged anger, hostility and bitterness are linked to health risks like depression and heart disease. Holding onto hurts, grudges, and annoyances, are stressful to your body and impacts your ability to feel joy in life and be productive while working. Add in the stresses of a pandemic and civil unrest, it’s a wonder most of us get through the day with our sanity intact.

Join us for “The Apology,” our innovative virtual presentation focused on growing outside your comfort zone and exploring the power of an apology, especially one that you may never receive.

During this interactive livestream, you will:

Explore new ways to take authentic risks providing you with a new freedom to give up perfectionism and move into more powerful choices that expand your relationships with yourself and others.
Learn how to become more present in the moment, while creating strong boundaries that foster trust and inclusion. Perceptions of fear and trust will shift.

Transform how you “should” be communicating into creating a sense of adventure, compassion and inclusion in your relationships. You’ll gain another level of personal power while taking new communication action.

Through this livestream experience, Dr. Shawne will lead you through helpful interactive tools, including the technique of “Accepting the Apology You’ll Never Receive.” This tool consistently garners tens of thousands of participants on Dr. Shawne’s Facebook Live Broadcasts, providing a new level of mastery in authentic expression.

“The Apology” Livestream Workshop

Next Live Stream Workshop: November 15, 2023
7-8:00pm EST

The workshop starts at 7pm and lasts 1 hour. It is not recorded to foster emotional safety
We will allow participants to enter up until 7:10 pm. After 7:10 the Zoom will be closed for entrance. Once again, we do that to foster emotional safety.
Non-refundable Workshop Cost: $6.99 USD

First come, first served for each workshop.

No one is turned away because of cost. We have scholarships available through our community if you’re struggling to pay to attend. Please email us at joy@ProjectForgive.com if you need financial assistance.