Our Team


Dr. Shawne Duperon never imagined when she produced a 5-minute video on forgiveness it would go viral,  attract the attention of worldwide media coverage, inspire global leaders such as Archbishop Desmond Tutu, or even garner the honor of a Nobel Peace Prize nomination. And that’s exactly what happened.

With her PhD in communication and social media reach topping 100 million per month, this Six-Time EMMY® winner is considered to be one of the most innovative speakers and consultants on disruptive and healing communication.

Dr. Shawne educates corporations, universities, governments and entrepreneurs, on how to effectively communicate resulting in increased engagement, retention, agility and strategic disruption in the workplace.

Her progressive livestreams and virtual facilitations on forgiveness in leadership, amplify inclusion, respect and engagement.

Dr. Shawne consistently shares her own journey of forgiveness after being molested as a child. She models a courageous ability to forgive the unforgivable and shares that ability by developing curriculum through evidence-based research and innovative tools.

Hily Trevethan

If you’ve spent any time engaging with either Project Forgive or ShawneTV, you’ve experienced Hily. We call her “Mission Control Maven” for a reason: Whether you need help with our programs, products or services, Hily has you handled. Period. For more than 12 years running our office, Hily is known for her exquisite customer service, attention to detail and ability to problem-solve. Hily is a graphic designer by trade, and published her own film/video magazine for 14 years.

Aubrey Carampatana

Aubrey Carampatana is our Social Media Master. She’s been with Project Forgive for 2 years, managing Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and our Twitter accounts. As an entrepreneur, Aubrey is committed to adding value to the lives of others by delivering quality and compassionate service. Aubrey is very active in her church and loves to sing and write songs. She’s married to the love of her life Jake, and lives in Pasig City, Philippines.