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Project Forgive, a non-religious, non-partisan global movement, started as a little video. The goal was simply to initiate a conversation on forgiveness. No politics, no religion, just an authentic inquiry of what forgiveness means to people around the world. That inquiry has evolved into a global organization, committed to our children.

The video’s compelling story of a man who lost his wife and two children to a drunk driver and then subsequently forgave the other driver struck an emotional chord. The video went viral. The vast response to our story on forgiveness underscored the genuine need and desire for more forgiveness in peoples’ lives. Project Forgive was launched.

Today, Project Forgive impacts millions each month with our progressive programs, tools and social reach.

How Project Forgive started

The story of Project Forgive is compelling and beautiful.. Here's an update on the documentary. Thanks for your love, support and kindness.♥

Posted by Project Forgive on Sunday, August 2, 2020

Our approach is unique.

Rather than focus on children directly, we impact their environment through those who touch their lives on a daily basis: such as probation officers, teachers, parents, and community leaders.

We do this through our social reach of millions, our free educational resources and our leadership training such as our progressive and popular tool “Accepting the Apology You’ll Never Receive.”

This innovative training tool – being taught globally – was the catalyst for a 2016 Peace Prize nomination.

Corporations such as General Motors have experienced the impact of “The Apology,” and support our workshops across the United States.

Look for the Project Forgive Documentary launching in 2022.

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