It’s funny, it’s taken me a long time to grasp that self-care, making joy a habit (despite all the stuff going on in the world) and Forgiveness, kind of all go together.

When you’re struggling with something (ie. low-pay, caregiving, a crappy boss, rude relatives, a deadline that seems unattainable, etc.), the first thing that seems to go out the window is self-care.

Maybe we eat more fast food, don’t exercise, or even our communication becomes a little “edgy” with those we care about in our personal lives.

You’re just not being your “highest” self. And you’re certainly not feeling much joy in these circumstances.

When I notice those things going on, I remind myself of couple of things:

First? Joy is a habit. No matter what your state of affairs, the world’s state of affairs or the state of affairs with loved ones, you can STILL access joy.

Actually, it’s imperative that you do.

I’ve personally found that It’s through simple daily habits that you can access some joy and combine a little self-care, which inevitably creates moments of forgiveness and compassion for yourself.

Here are some fast examples that I use daily to alleviate struggle and create some joy with self-care.

  • I put on perfume. Easy peasy, the aroma brings me immediate joy.

  • I use hand soap with a colorful bottle. I LOVE color. Seeing color in my everyday activities (like washing my hands), gives me joy and reminds me I’m in charge of my life experiences.

  • I use my favorite, colorful hot pink toothbrush that is battery operated. I don’t buy the really expensive ones, I buy the ones that are low-cost battery-operated throwaways. This way I can change colors often. This too, reminds me that joy is my choice and is a conscious habit, even when things in life are tough.


Here’s the Facebook Live where I actually show you these examples of creating little habits of joy:

So? What little things can you do to bring joy to your life?

Find them.

You’ll discover that those little moments of conscious joy start to expand and shift. More focus on joy, more joy in your life.

Forgiving yourself for struggling is simply the bonus.

If inspired, please share.

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