Our collective understanding of Forgiveness contains distorted myths that we perpetuate culturally.

One of the goal’s of Project Forgive is to educate and dispel all those forgiveness myths!

With that said…

Forgiveness isn’t a moral characteristic or talent. It’s a high-level skill that requires critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and a deep commitment to personal and professional development.

Sure, some random “transgressions” are easy for some of us to forgive such as:
-Someone cuts you off on the freeway
-Someone’s late for a meeting
-Someone misplaced a file

The more complicated “transgressions” take skill and require brave, high-pressure conversations, such as:
-Someone takes credit for your work
-Someone is consistently late, impacting cohesion in your team
-Someone ongoingly makes disparaging remarks (ie. misogynistic themes, microaggressions)

Part of the forgiveness process includes authentic conversations to address the transgression head-on. That takes a lot of courage.

And until you speak up and have those uncomfortable conversations, forgiveness is an incomplete and elusive idea.

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