Mother’s Day is one of the most cherished holidays worldwide.

A captivating history of the holiday and some fun facts offer a deeper appreciation for this special day dedicated to honoring the incredible women who shape our lives.


1. One of the earliest Mother’s Day celebrations recorded started in Ancient Greece because of a story in Greek Mythology. They celebrated the goddess Rhea of fertility, motherhood, and generation, during an annual spring festival.

2. Mother’s Day was originally started as a day for women to protest against war. The first celebration was in 1908. A woman named Anna Jarvis wanted to honor her mother, Ann Jarvis, who started a movement in 1868 that established “Mother’s Friendship Day” to reunite families after the Civil War.

3. On May 9, 1914, President Woodrow Wilson declared Mother’s Day an official holiday.

4. Anna Jarvis (the one who initiated Mother’s Day), started boycotts, walkouts and even condemned first lady Eleanor Roosevelt for using Mother’s Day as a fundraiser. She felt the focus became commercialized and harmed the goal of activism.

5. Carnations, not roses, are considered the official flower of Mother’s Day. White carnations are used to honor mothers who have passed, and red to celebrate our mothers living and thriving.

6. Sidebar? One legend states that carnations were made from the tears of Jesus’ mother when she wept at his feet when crucified.

7. Mother’s Day is the third most attended church service after Easter and Christmas. Many of us honor our mothers by focusing on faith and family, then it’s off to brunch!

8. With brunch in mind, Mother’s Day is the busiest restaurant day of the year. More than 1/3 of American adults take mom to a restaurant to celebrate.

9. The biggest restaurant day of the year coincides with what moms ask for as a gift for Mother’s Day. The biggest request is mom asking to go out to eat to celebrate. Reasons are usually mom wanting a break from cooking and wanting to get out of the house.

10. Research shows that most moms have their first child in their twenties. The average age for first-time moms is 27, while 20% wait until after the age of 35.

11. More calls are made on Mother’s Day than any other day of the year. Latest statistics show 122 million calls are made.

12. Approximately one-quarter of all the flowers purchased throughout the year are bought for Mother’s Day.

13. Sidebar? Research has consistently shown that there are actually health benefits to receiving flowers.

14. The number one gift is gift cards, with more than 152 million Mother’s Day cards sent. The average American buys about 3 cards, sending grandmothers, sisters, and mother-in-laws some Mother’s Day love.

15. Mother’s Day is celebrated in close to 50 countries in different parts of the world.

Whether you’re honoring a mother, grandmother, aunt, special “mother” in your life, or even yourself, here’s to having a cherished day celebrating these special women.

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