It’s not an accident. We’re the ones who juggle responsibilities, inspire others at work and keep our families nurtured and cared for.

And we have specific habits that keep us resilient, empowered and loving.

Here’s our list of what mentally strong women do on a regular basis:

1. We move on.

We don’t waste time feeling sorry for ourselves. We can learn and let go.

2. We focus on staying grounded.

No matter what is going on, we realize staying calm and grounded can help solve a challenge.

3. We embrace change.

It doesn’t mean we have to like it, but we know to the depths of our being that change is inevitable and flexibility is power.

4. We focus on joy and happiness.

We don’t waste energy on complaining and we don’t waste energy on things we could never control.

5. We are kind.

Kindness matters to us. We’re fair and speak up even if we’re afraid. We gave up pleasing people. There’s no joy or power in worrying either.

6. We are willing to take calculated risks.

We use our critical thinking skills to weigh risks and benefits before taking action.

7. We invest our energy in the present.

There’s value in the past in receiving lessons learned. But we let go and give our energy to what’s happening now.

8. We accept full responsibility for our past behavior.

We own our part and we make amends. We know the importance of responsibility so the same mistakes aren’t repeated over and over.

9. We celebrate other people’s success.

When our family, friends, and colleagues win, we also win. Competition doesn’t exist. We believe there is enough for everyone.

10. We are willing to fail.

It doesn’t mean we like failing, it means we realize that failure is inevitable. We keep growing, learning. We use a past failure as a stepping stone.

11. We enjoy alone time.

We value energizing ourselves. We understand that alone time is a necessity that has us flourish.

12. We have success integrity.

We don’t feel like we’re owed something. We succeed from a combination of attitude, habits, and strong work ethic.

13. We have staying power.

We understand that some things take time. We embrace long-term goals and have an excellent capacity for delayed gratification.

14. We evaluate and question our core beliefs.

A learning and growing human is successful. We embrace new perspectives and critically think about our deeply held beliefs. We’re open to new perspectives.

15. We use our mental energy with wisdom.

Unproductive thoughts are well, unproductive. We shift mentally when we see we’re wasting our time or energy.

16. We think productively.

We have mastered the ability to replace negative thoughts with positive and productive thoughts. We embrace the internal power of changing our thoughts.

17. We tolerate discomfort.

We accept and feel our feelings, then let go on a continuous basis. Uncomfortable feelings are a part of life and we don’t let them control us.

18. We reflect on our progress.

We take time to consider and celebrate what we’ve achieved. It helps us clarify our path and where we’re headed.

Thank you for all you do and for all the people you touch.

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