When it comes to cherished childhood memories, few experiences rival the excitement of a sleepover at Grandma’s house.

Studies show that when children sleep at Grandma’s house (and visit!), they tend to have stronger family bonds throughout their life, make family a high priority, and learn unconditional love.

Enjoy this precious writing for all of us who have wonderful grandmas, miss our grandmas who are no longer with us, and for those of us embracing our treasured roles as grandmas.

Sleeping at Grandma’s House

I heard in the car, this morning…
“Mom, can I sleep at Grandma’s tonight?”

When I managed to turn around, to see my child, it made me go back to my past, with just one sentence … I was no longer within my reach. I had lost a sense of myself.

When did time go by and make us adults full of boring priorities?

We fight all the time, for something we’re not even sure we really want …
When in fact, grandma’s house is what everyone needs to be happy.

Grandma’s house is where the hands of the clock take a vacation with us and the minutes unhurriedly arrive.

Grandma’s house is where a simple pasta and homemade bread seem to have different flavors, delicious.

Grandma’s house is where an innocent afternoon, can last for an eternity of games and fantasies.

Grandma’s house is where the cupboards hide old clothes and mysterious tools.

Grandma’s house is where the closed boxes become chests of secret treasures, ready to be unveiled.

Grandma’s house is where toys rarely come ready, they are invented on the spot.

Grandma’s house is where everything is mysteriously possible, magic happens and without worries.

Grandma’s house is where we find the remains of our parents’ childhood and the beginning of our lives.

Grandma’s house, on the inside, is the address of our deepest affection, where everything is allowed.

For me, my Grandma is long gone. The luxury of her presence no longer belongs to me. It lives with me, though, in my precious memories.

Even so, if I could make a wish, any wish in the world of wishes, I would wish the same thing:
“Can I sleep at Grandma’s tonight?”

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