Releasing involves letting go of limiting thoughts, painful decisions, and suppressed emotions to create space for growth and healing. It’s a transformative practice that allows you to move forward with emotional freedom and even forgiveness.

Below you’ll find some releasing statements, crafted by Heiko & Selina Niedermeyer, designed to support you in your journey of letting go and finding emotional freedom.

As you move through them, take a deep breath between speaking each sentence:

“I release my shock of the sudden change in the world.”

“I release all negative effects of this shock now.” (Take a couple of slow deep breaths.)

“I release my shock about the sudden lockdown of countries and the sudden restrictions on my life.”

“I release to feel so disoriented and confused with this sudden new situation of the world.”

“I release to feel paralyzed by the sudden change of rules, regulations and laws in society.”

“I release my feeling of struggle trying to catch up with the sudden changes on so many levels and areas in my life.”

“I release to feel overwhelmed and breathless facing so many fast and radical changes in life.”

“I release the feeling as if I hit a wall in life.”

“I release my anger for life for this situation in life and experience.”

“I release my fear, feeling that I have no control over this situation.”

“I release my overwhelming feeling that I can’t do enough.”

“I release my doubt about being able to navigate and handle this situation.”

“I release my fear that I’m going to lose so many people that I love.”

“I release my fear that I’m going to lose all the things that I need in life.”

“I center myself in myself.”

“I open myself to see and feel that I have all the energy and inner guidance available to navigate forward through this time.”

“I open myself for seen and unseen support.”

As you move through your journey of releasing, remember that each step you take towards letting go brings you closer to inner peace and your authentic self.

Embrace the process with compassion for yourself, knowing that with each release, you pave the way profound growth. You are capable, resilient, and deserving of the peace that comes from releasing what no longer serves you. Keep moving forward with courage and grace.

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