I cringe every time I leave a store and see myself and other shoppers with carts full of items in plastic containers and plastic bags.

You, too?

The latest research shows about 35% of us recycle. Add in the fact that about 17% of what we put in the recycling bin doesn’t belong there. Sigh.

When it comes to plastic bottles specifically, scientists estimate that it takes at least 450 years for one plastic bottle to break down. Geesh.

National Geographic predicts that by 2050, plastic bottles will sit in landfills across the globe, weighing 12 billion metric tons. That translates into plastic that weighs approximately 35,000 times more than the Empire State Building.

I know, right?

Of course, there’s stuff we can do. Personally, I love it when I see stores like Aldi the grocery chain, setting the bar for honoring our environment. They are focused on the goal of using only reusable, recyclable, and compostable packaging in all of their stores by 2025.

(No, ALDI did not pay us to say this♥)

More than 40 million US customers visit ALDI’s every month in 35 states. This environmental conscious shift in packaging can deeply impact us.

Germany, by the way, which is where Aldi’s is headquartered, has the highest recycling rate in the world with nearly 57% of all waste produced getting recycled. In comparison to the US, we’re about 24%.

So what else can you do, besides shop at ALDI’s?

The more obvious:

-Use reusable shopping bags and produce bags

-Give up plastic straws (you can buy non-plastic straws online)

-Bring your own coffee mugs when buying coffee from a barista.

Not so obvious:

– Use wood cutting boards rather than plastic

– Use glass containers for storing food rather than plastic bags

– Use your own bottle for water and keep reusing it!

– Buy detergents in a box, rather than a plastic container.

– Avoid wet wipes, which are made from a mix of plastics!

Thank you for doing your part in reducing plastic consumption and making our world more sustainable.

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