Remember pet rocks? Well, you have never seen pet rocks quite like this before.

Japanese Stone artist Akie Nakata’s artwork is breathtaking.

She’s caused quite a global stir with her creative ability to take a plain stone and transform it into stunning life-like pictures of animals.

Akie takes her time in picking the right stone and considers the “encounter with the right stone,” as almost sacred. She holds the rock in hand “to feel the history of the earth that the stone silently witnessed.” She talks to each stone as well. She has been quoted as saying that when she finds a stone, “I feel the stone has found me, too.”

This Japanese artist has been collecting stones and rocks since she was a child and began her exquisite paintings in 2011.

Akie finds animal-shaped stones that you can fit in the palm of your hand and begins the intricate process of painting the stone’s surface with acrylic paint.

Akie finds the rocks and never alters them, instead she uses the natural form of the rocks and in minute detail paints the animal that the shape reminds her of.

Her creative work includes realistic miniature animals such as cats, birds, dogs, monkeys, pandas, giraffes and gorillas.

Many times she’ll show the finished artwork alongside the original stone so you can see the before and after photos.

Below you will see Akie’s work, which is remarkably lifelike. One of her goals upon completing an animal is to “feel the life in the stone.”

Her artistic process is unique. Every artistic choice is a process, such as where to place the backbone of the animal. She is constantly trusting her feelings to flow with the natural flow of the stone. She calls it having a dialogue with the stone.

She never grinds the stone nor applies any smoothing agents and leaves the shape untouched.

Akie says she paints the eyes last and considers her work complete when the eyes are alive looking back at her.

Akie says her drawings are self-taught and uses acrylic paint to create the right effect and bring the animals to life.This collaborative work is about passing the creative stones into someone’s hands who values being a companion on the stone’s journey, too.

You can see more of Akie’s artwork on Instagram. More than 100-thousand people follow her there. She also exhibits her stunning rocks in galleries in Japan.

You can also get the chance to own one of these unique pieces when their availability is announced on Facebook. She calls them “up for auction.” Her pieces sell quickly, and she does not take any customized orders.

2021 Update: Akie is back creating these stunning pieces. Simply head to her Facebook page and note the times that her art will be up for bid.

People from all across the globe enjoy her art and purchase her intricately handmade creations.

Enjoy the stunning beauty.

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