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Project Forgive

Children are one-third of our population, as well as our entire future. Our community educational approach is unique. Our programs and tools don’t focus on children directly. We expand that impact by focusing on those who touch the lives of kids on a daily basis: such as probation officers, teachers, parents, and community leaders.

We chose an experiential approach for long-term impact. We follow the philosophy: “Feed the teachers, nourish the students.” Our 501c3, non-religious, non-partisan organization feeds the souls of adults in our communities to deeply alter the environments for our children to grow, learn and play. We do this through educational resources, leadership trainings and our social reach of millions across the globe.

Support Us In Transforming Mental Health and Well-Being.

Support Us

In Transforming Mental Health and Well-Being

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“Hands down the best leadership training I have ever participated in”

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“This unifying work is so forward thinking, it is answering questions that are seldor ever asked”

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