Many of us are on a precious and sacred path of healing the wounds we received from our mothers. Whether we were abused, neglected or abandoned, we’ve accepted that it’s up to us now as adult empowered women, to carry healing and even forgiveness to our children and grandchildren.

Below are a couple of writings that deeply touched us and validate the importance of generational healing with our mamas. We hope they resonate with you, too.

Dr. Shawne

Heal Mother Wounds

“Every woman must heal their mother wounds in order to be better mothers to themselves and their children.

Not doing the work entailed results in the wounds being passed down and imprinted on their children unconsciously and if said children are unable to heal those wounds, they will be passed down to the next generation.

Healing mother wounds is important. Understanding that mothers can only act from what they know and have been unconsciously programmed from their own mothers or mother figures, may make the journey a bit easier.

Some mothers are apologetic of the past, others are not and that is okay because an apology isn’t needed for your healing.

The closure can be made within the mind and heart.

Forgiveness is key to moving on, understanding and compassion are key elements too.

Some women end up being their own mothers and fathers and as a result end up being what they didn’t have to themselves and their children.

Cultivating love and forgiveness within you will enable you to be better mothers to yourselves and offspring if you choose to have them.

And remember: When we heal, we are healing seven generations forward and seven generations back.”

By: Faidah

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We also loved this writing. Beautiful.



“It is not just your mother who may walk with you in spirit, it is her mother too.
And her mother’s mother.
And her mother’s friends, who loved by choice and not blood.
And the women before them.

Generations and generations of female energy, watching in admiration as you forge ahead living better, feeling better, accepting better, than they ever did.
As they were much hoped you would.

So, when you feel low, lonely or unloved.
Remember them, feel them.
They are with you, and they burn brightly with their boundless light, in everything you do.

You, my friends, are the ‘moment in time’ of many women gone before, and you will lay pathways, like they did, for those who come up next.

What a beautiful, unending legacy.”

Author unknown

Thank you for your courageous journey of healing.

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