Our friends are our most important allies in the pursuit of happiness, self-esteem and well-being.

Research shows that the ideal number of friends in our core group is three to five people, which allows for us to experience the highest level of satisfaction in life.

With that said, enjoy this writing on the beauty of friendship from author Donna Ashworth.

Friendship Is

“Knowing that someone will be there when you lose,
when you fall,
when you snort ugly tears.

Friendship is knowing they will ask you twice,
‘how are you, really?’

And they will not accept your answer of fine,
when you are anything but.

Friendship is showing up for the worst of times,
as well as the best,
and knowing which one is the most important.
Friendship is building another’s self-esteem,

realizing the gift they have given you by allowing you to do so,
and never using that gift for anything but good.

Friendship is every color of the rainbow and all the hues in between.

The good, the bad, the ugly, the glorious, the beloved and the brilliant.

Friendship is hanging on when that person is cocooned,
waiting for them to re-emerge,
ready to accept their changes,
knowing they are still the same, to you.

Friendship is a gift, a blessing, a joy.

Be the friend you seek to have.

And be that friend to yourself too.”

By: Donna Ashworth
From the book ‘I Wish I knew’

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