A deep betrayal is painful. It requires courage, tenacity and a willingness to break free from those binding, heavy and painful feelings.

In many ways, the forgiveness process mirrors the majestic journey of eagles.

As eagles age, their physical attributes undergo significant changes. Their once sharp claws become too long and ineffective for hunting, their beak becomes misshapen, hindering their ability to eat, and their feathers become thick and cumbersome, impeding their flight.

Faced with this dilemma, eagles must choose between succumbing to their circumstances or embarking on a profound transformation journey.

Seeking refuge in their mountain nests, eagles embark on a ritual of self-renewal.

They relentlessly beat their beaks against the rocks until they break and shed their old, impractical claws.

With patience and determination, they endure the agonizing process of pulling out their heavy plumage, making way for new growth.

After enduring five months of torment and discomfort, the eagle emerges reborn, equipped with a new beak, claws, and plumage, ready to soar once again for decades.

In our own lives, profound transformation often requires a willingness to put one step in front of the other no matter how hard it is.
When we confront our pain and before we shed the weight of the past, we experience discomfort and uncertainty, just like the eagle.

By releasing the burdens of the past, we pave the way for a brighter present and a promising future. Remember, forgiving someone does NOT mean what they did was okay. Not even close.

May you find the strength and fortitude to navigate your own journey of transformation, embracing forgiveness and embracing change. Here’s to rising to new heights and soaring freely in the boundless sky of possibility.

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