We’re evolving, critically thinking humans and as we evolve and critically think, it’s inevitable that we will change our minds.

It takes self-care and courage to change your mind and act on those changes.

Let’s say you make a commitment to babysit your grandkids for the summer, buy a new life insurance policy, or even get a new job.

And then here you are after a bit of time:

-Seeing that the babysitting commitment is taking a toll on your mental health and is negatively impacting your family relationships.

-After buying that life insurance policy, you notice the company’s customer service is non-existent and you even found another policy that is better and less expensive.

-You took a new job and you’re noticing you’re either bored, the culture doesn’t feel good, or your boss is a low-level leader who bullies people.

Can you give yourself permission to change your mind and:

a) Have a conversation to readjust the demanding babysitting schedule from 5 days to 3 days or even 2 days?

b) Cancel the life insurance policy as a conscious right decision for your financial well-being?

c) Quit the new job?

These examples might not be exactly what you’re currently facing, but you get the picture.

And of course, only you can decide your best course of action for the decisions and situations you’re currently facing.

Choosing what’s best for YOU, isn’t selfish. It’s courageous.

You have one life. Changing your mind for you, for your career, for your mental health, for your financial stability is a really good thing.

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