Mothers across the globe will deeply relate to this writing by O Trocatintas

Reminding all mothers that we are a precious, unstoppable force of nature for our children.


Because a mother never sleeps . . .

I rest until I hear you,
The slightest movement next to me.
A cry from the crib,
A whimper in your bedroom down the hall.

I wake at the littlest of noises,
My body never fully at rest.
I am there the minute you need me,
No matter the time.

Because a mother never sleeps . . .

In my arms you will rest,
Next to me you might lay,
In your bed I might crawl,
On your floor for a night I will stay.

Feedings through the night,
Crying I just can’t figure out why.
Rocking and holding and rocking some more,
So weary, but I give you my everything.

Because a mother never sleeps . . .

I constantly check in on you,
Because that’s the thing mothers do.
I worry and wonder and linger and stare,
Because that’s just how much I love you.

I watch you sleep so peacefully,
Then my heart is truly content.
As I look at this beautiful tiny person I made,
Each breath you take is my happiness.

Because a mother never sleeps . . .

Every rock, every cuddle,
Every cradle and every kiss.
You have completed me beyond words,
And sleep is something I can surely miss.

So I will take all the restless nights,
And every exhausted morning.
Because you are the reason I am a mother,
And there no greater joy than that.

By: O Trocatintas

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Dr. Shawne

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