What exactly does Project Forgive do?

Project Forgive’s primary focus is to relieve suffering by making an impact on physical and emotional health through the practice and skill of forgiveness. We do that by creating free resources for the millions who visit us each month, enhancing initiatives for kids at risk in the juvenile justice system, and supporting veteran-owned businesses who’ve courageously served our country.

Are you an actual non-profit?

Yes, we are a 501c3 non-profit. All donations are tax deductible. Tax ID: 46-3365134 Donate

What is Project Forgive's history? How did you get started?

When Gary Weinstein lost his entire family to a drunk driver, Dr. Shawne Duperon produced a little 5-minute video that went viral. The compelling story of Gary’s journey of forgiving the unforgivable touched millions.

A twist in the circumstances generated global media attention. Documentarian Dr Shawne was not only a dear family friend of the Weinstein family, she was also a dear family friend of the man who caused the deaths.

The unprecedented response was the catalyst to start the Project Forgive Foundation in 2014. It became apparent that the world was ready for an authentic conversation on forgiveness, one of inclusion that crosses gender, racial, religious, and political boundaries.

Is Project Forgive affiliated with a religious or political organization?

We are not affiliated, involved or related to any religious sect or political group. Project Forgive is a non-sectarian, non-governmental, non-profit organization.

How can I stay updated on the work you're doing?

There are several ways:

1) You can sign up for our Daily Inspirations.

2) You can visit our blog

3) You can get updates on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

4) You can join our compassionate Facebook Group. This forum allows for intimate Q&A’s in a safe environment.

Why do you share animals all the time in social?

Research consistently shows that animals have an exquisite ability to soothe us when we’re hurting and to help us deepen bonds with others. Connecting with animals is especially useful for those of us wanting more connection, compassion and forgiveness in our lives.

How can I make a difference for Project Forgive?

There are several ways to make a difference and get involved:

1) Making a donation to Project Forgive is quick and simple! You can donate online through our secure website, or mail a check.

2) AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support Project
Forgive every time you shop online and it costs nothing.

3) You can donate air miles Every mile donated helps foster progressive skills across the globe. Once donated, your miles will never expire and are used to support educational trainings that promote compassion and forgiveness in schools, judicial systems, and in the workplace. This is just one simple way you can help make a difference for a solution-based world.

Please contact Hily@ProjectForgive.com to donate miles.

4) An exquisite way to support Project Forgive is to share our message on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

6) You can get involved with our Mission Joy Campaign and Entertainment program.

7) You can host a fundraiser.

How can I get my company involved?

Your company can get involved in several ways:

-You can contact us to donate items for our Mission Joy Broadcasts.

-You can contact us for information on sponsoring a Facebook Live.

-You can contact us for information to sponsor an event

-You can contact us for information to partner with our initiatives for kids at risk and/or veteran-owned businesses.

– You can contact us to hire Dr. Shawne for corporate training.

Can I send a question for Dr. Shawne to address on your Facebook Live Broadcasts?

You sure can.
Simply head to contact us and ask your question.

How can I join your Facebook group on social media?

You can join our compassionate Project Forgive Facebook Group. This forum allows for intimate Q&A’s in a safe environment.

Can I hire Dr. Shawne to speak to our organization or keynote at a conference?

Yes you can. You can contact her office, here.

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