We all know that positive messages and communication impact our children’s future success. Encouraging words can help your child thrive, period.

Research consistently points to the impact of your words, especially meaningful communication that’s geared toward internal motivation for self-esteem. Your words now will be played back for years in your child’s head just like a tape recorder.

Encouragement and positive messaging comes in many forms. We constantly teach ways to be empathetic, how to foster curiosity, motivating more sociability and cooperation with others, instilling resilience and creating self-awareness, modeling integrity and ways to be resourceful.

So, with that said, do you practice what you preach? Do you instill positive messages into your children and your grandchildren?

Here are 44 positive things you can say to your child or grandchild to build their self-esteem and confidence.

1) I love you.

2) I’m grateful you’re my child.

3) Your words are meaningful.

4) I care about how you feel.

5) You make me a better ____.

6) I understand you.

7) I love the way you _____.

8) It’s great to be curious.

9) When you did ___, I was inspired.

10) Let’s try it your way.

11) Thank you for being you.

12) I’m listening.

13) That’s a great point.

14) I know you did your best.

15) I forgive you.

16) I messed up.

17) Will you forgive me?

18) You are so helpful.

19) I love your courage.

20) This family wouldn’t be the same without you.

21) You can say no.

22) I learn things from you every day.

23) You are a joy to be around.

24) That was really brave.

25) I love how you said that.

26) Seeing you happy makes me happy.

27) Being your parent/grandparent is my favorite job.

28) I appreciate how hard you worked on that.

29) Nobody’s perfect, right?

30) Can you forgive yourself for that? I do.

31) You are worth it.

32) I admire you.

33) I trust you.

34) Your imagination is incredible!

35) It’s great to see how much you believe in yourself.

36) It’s a joy to see you solve this problem!

37) I like how you’re using words to express how you feel.

38) Thank you for putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.

39) That was very generous. Wow.

40) One of your greatest strengths is your thoughtfulness.

41) I’m so glad you asked for help.

42) I appreciate how you’ve stuck with this.

43) Your ability to be kind, inspires me.

44) You have a heart of gold. I’m proud to be your mother.

Beyond building your child’s confidence and self-esteem, research shows harsh isn’t effective. When you use positive talk:

– your child is more likely to listen to you

– they will treat others with more respect and kindness

– your child will model your behavior,

– and they will have stronger relationships with you and others

With that said, positive talk is a habit. Get into action and tape this list to your refrigerator to remind you to love up your kids and grandkids with positive messaging on a daily basis. You’ll reap the rewards your entire lifetime.

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