Project Forgive Founder, Dr. Shawne Duperon is a communication scholar and public speaker. Her research explores the innovative use of good gossip to make a difference.

The unprecedented response to her case study, Project Forgive, inspired this Six-Time EMMY® winner to produce a documentary (slated to air in 2016), and to create a non-profit foundation providing compelling and compassionate leadership trainings that tackle global issues through dialogue.

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“Forgiveness is a bold leadership skill. When fostered in business and leadership environments, you cultivate greater loyalty, adventurous creativity, and increased productivity. You’re also bolstering higher capacities for solving the world’s most pressing problems. Mistakes aren’t met with contempt, fear or harsh judgment, but rather with a solution-focused mentality of compassion, forgiveness, dignity and respect. And quite frankly, who wouldn’t want a world infused with heroic, loving and compassionate leaders, ready to find solutions to the obstacles we face?”

Dr. Shawne Duperon, The Project Forgive Foundation

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