Our Children

We’re faced with a global pandemic with no clear end in sight.

Our children need us, now more than ever.

With that said, more than 1 billion children across the globe are no longer in classrooms.

Federal, state and local governments continue navigating appropriate responses and support for the tens of thousands of youth involved with the juvenile justice system, whether they are currently incarcerated, being released or on probation.

COVID-19 has dramatically changed how we connect, teach and monitor our children.

And Project Forgive is adapting to the changes.

Because Project Forgive is an advocate and resource for professionals who impact children on a daily basis, such as teachers, probation officers, parents and community leaders, our priority is to support learning professionals during COVID 19.

This rapid move to online learning with little or no training, insufficient bandwidth and little preparation, is challenging.

We provide support by:

  • focusing on resources and strategies to adapt to the new online world.
  • training leaders to make educated decisions for our children when there is no path.
  • providing training tools that promote community and focuses on educating the whole child, such as managing emotions, setting goals, having empathy and making responsible decisions.

All our programs are free of charge, thanks to our donors and sponsors.

If inspired to sponsor this important work, we would love to hear from you.