Corporate Training

With COVID-19, everything’s changed. So have you, so have your teams.

Now, more than ever before, isolation challenges are impacting our workplaces. Our virtual engagement training not only relieves fatigue, stress and apathy, but also provides your remote teams with the tools to communicate, engage and thrive in today’s remote environment.

Disruption. Adaptability. Engagement.

Our workshops are research-based and biologically driven. They are designed to engage, inform and create deeper collaboration with your teams, employees, and vendors, specifically under high stress and uncertainty.


Our programs: 

  • Develop diversity, inclusion and belonging
  • Foster consistency in remote meetings
  • Bring joy, play and creativity back to your teams
  • Resolve challenges with fewer meetings
  •  Drive better leadership decisions more rapidly

"Phenomenal experience."

"Dr. Shawne is a master at engagement and connection. Hire her."

"Best zoom event I’ve ever attended. Honestly."

Our most requested Virtual Interactive Communication Programs, include:

-Forgiveness is a Leadership Tool

Leaders take risks and make mistakes all the time. Dr. Shawne Duperon, a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, has found that when you make a mistake and – don’t forgive yourself quickly – it can have a long-term impact. Using Project Forgive as her case study, you’ll leave this series of innovative workshops with new leadership skills that gear you toward smarter risk-taking, limiting defensiveness about unconscious bias, and moving into powerful choices that grow your business, your career and ultimately yourself.

-Facing Remote Fatigue in Leadership

When it comes to leadership, what’s the signal you broadcast whether you’re training an employee, leading a project under deadline, dealing with sexual harassment or communicating under high pressure to produce results? This disruptive training provides hands on role-playing and activities that shift fatigue and repetition, producing a new set of innovative skills to engage a work environment that increases morale, productivity and loyalty.

-Good Gossip in the Workplace

Gossip gets a bad rap. Research shows that mean nasty stuff is only 5-7% of gossip conversations. When done right, gossip is the smartest and most powerful way to stimulate loyalty and productivity in the workplace, while also strategically marketing your organization or yourself. This interactive livestream provides innovative tips and tools to grow your career or organization during disruptive times.


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