The story that started the forgiveness movement…

Gary Weinstein received excruciating news: his wife Judy and their children, 12-year old Alex and 9-year old Sam were killed by a drunk driver.
It was a shocking and painful day.

The pain was confounded when Project Forgive documentarian Dr. Shawne Duperon, discovered an unusual connection. Not only was she a dear family friend of the Weinstein family, she was also a dear family friend of the man who caused the deaths – Tom Wellinger.

After absorbing the revelation of knowing both families, Dr. Duperon created a 5-minute video, sharing Gary’s journey of forgiving the unforgivable. The video went viral, seen by tens of thousands across the globe.

Because of the unprecedented response to the video, a documentary went into full production to explore the conversation of forgiveness. This discovery is non-religious and non-partisan, impacting the beauty of the vulnerable inquiries shared by participants in the film. Project Forgive focuses on the discovery of the complexities of forgiveness and ultimately, what forgiveness means for each of us.

The documentary is slated to air later this year on PBS (Programming to be announced). The film will be provided free of charge because of the support of our generous donors, supporters and corporate sponsors.

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